Rules & Regulations



1. Graystone Court is completely non-smoking, and this includes balconies and patios (NO EXCEPTIONS)! If you or your guest/s would like to smoke, you must use the outside designated smoking areas. The entire building is “smoke-free”, which includes any accessory building or structure. Ask your manager for designated smoking areas outside of your building. Smoking near any entrance is strictly prohibited.


2. Graystone reserves the right to monitor apartments for cigarette and cigar smoke and any other smoke (for example pipe smoke). Graystone Court possesses electronic technology, which is able to identify cigarette and cigar smoke. Tenant hereby agrees that Graystone may install and utilize such technology in Tenant’s apartment/unit without notice of any type to Tenant.


3. Graystone Court has installed an entry guard security system for your safety. Do not assume that any persons trying to gain entrance are authorized to be here. If they are here to visit a resident, they may call that person from the entry guard box or call the office. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO ANYONE THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW! If you open the door to “strangers”, you are allowing them access to the building and opening yourself and others to potential danger.


4. The main front entrance is not to be used for moving any items, including packages, carts of groceries, deliveries, etc. Please use the back entrance near the freight elevator if you are bringing in any items.


5. All pets must be kept on a leash while on the premises. This is for the safety of your pet and our residents. Carry a bag with you and clean up after your animal every time. It is unsightly and will begin to smell in the warm weather. Pets are not allowed in the common areas, dining room or on any community furniture. Porches are considered common areas. Pets should always be walked from the apartment to the nearest exit. Not everyone enjoys the company of pets. When bringing your pets in and out of the building, you must use the freight elevator. Pets are not permitted in the passenger elevator, unless the freight elevator is tied up with a move.


6. All dogs will be DNA tested at the expense of Graystone Court. The dog’s DNA sample will be kept on file at a lab. If any messes (i.e. pet vomit, urine or feces) are found at any place on the property of Graystone Court (outside and/or inside), a sample of the “mess” will be sent to the lab to determine whether the DNA of the “mess” matches the DNA of any of the pets that Graystone has on file. If so, the Tenant to whom the pet belongs will be responsible for all lab charges and will forfeit his or her pet security deposit. Additionally, in such case, the Tenant must immediately replace the pet security deposit. After the first mess, if a second mess is found belonging to the same pet, the pet will no longer be permitted to stay at Graystone Court.


7. No visiting pets are permitted at Graystone Court at any time, with the exception of a licensed assistance animal.


8. The parking garage is strictly for those who have reserved and paid for a space. For those tenants who have reserved a parking garage space, please remember to always close the door behind you as you come and go. Stop and Look! Don’t just assume the door has closed. This is for everyone’s safety. The tenant is responsible for keeping his/her garage area clean, neat and orderly.


9. Any tenant who damages a garage door or garage door trim will lose their right to park in a parking garage. Failure to close garage doors behind you will also constitute loss of right to park in a parking garage.


10. Nothing may be stored in the parking garage except in private storage areas.


11. All tenants must register their vehicle’s license number, make and model at the office. Only 1 vehicle per tenant unless prior approval is given by management. No motor homes, boats, equipment, RV’s, etc. may be parked on the premises without prior approval from management.


12. Graystone recycles! Garbage must be disposed of in the proper dumpsters located outside at the rear entrance. Containers will be labeled for your convenience. Never leave your garbage sitting outside of your apartment door.


13. No running the vacuum cleaner before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m.


14. If you are using heat or air conditioning in your apartment, please do not open any windows. If you would like fresh air, please turn off your furnace. Tenants may adjust heat and air between 68-75 degrees. Anyone desiring it warmer or cooler may be charged an additional utility fee.


15. Each unit is equipped with a smoke detector. If your alarm should go off for any reason other than an actual fire (for example, burnt food, spillage of food onto a hot burner on the stove, etc.) please do not open your front door leading into the hallway. This will cause the main alarm in the building to sound and dispatch the fire company. Instead, use the fan above your stove and open windows or patio doors to vent the smoke.


16. The building’s main fire alarm is monitored by Nationwide monitoring 24 hours daily. If the alarm sounds, exit the building immediately! Gather in the parking lot so we can account for everyone. Do not take time to gather personal items or call the office. Nationwide immediately dispatches the fire company and then calls the office manager. The manager will also be dispatched to the building immediately.


17. The doors to the hallways and stairwells must be kept closed in accordance with the fire code.


18. Car washing is not permitted on the premises of Graystone at any time.


19. It is important to include your apartment number in your address. The postal delivery person will not deliver any mail without a unit number.


20. There are doorstops on some of the entry doors in the building. If you prop a door open to bring in groceries or carry out trash, you must lift the doorstop and close the door behind you. All entry doors will lock behind you. Carry your keys with you at all times.


21. Storing items in your furnace closet may block airflow and prevent your heat and air conditioning from working properly. Do not block any vents or hinder airflow around your furnace.


22. Noise must be kept to acceptable levels. An unacceptable level of noise is one, which disturbs other residents. Apartment living is new to many of you. Please be courteous.


23. Children are always welcome visitors, but please remember that this is senior living and you have many neighbors. Children must be monitored at all times and are not permitted to run and roam through the hallways, or to disturb other residents. Babysitting is not allowed on a regular basis.


24. Residents may not remodel or make any structural changes to the interior or exterior of the leased unit or attach or remove any carpeting or fixtures, paint or wallpaper without first obtaining Landlord’s written permission. When this lease terminates, the leased unit must be returned to the original condition, normal wear and tear excepted.


25. Apartment keys must be returned upon vacating the apartment. If not, a key charge will be imposed. This includes all spare keys handed out to family and friends. You must register number of keys handed out to family and friends at the office.


26. Maintenance work will be done in your apartment in your absence unless you specify that you must be present. If you specify that you must be present, a date and time is to be agreed upon by you and our maintenance staff. This may cause delay in repairs. Repairs deemed to be of an emergency nature would be performed as necessary and in your absence.
All requested work performed outside of regular “maintenance work”, such as hanging curtains, assembling furniture, etc. will be charged a fee of $30.00 per hour with a $15.00 minimum trip charge.


27. Due to the large number of “lockouts”, we will charge a $10.00 fee for any “lockouts” after business hours and on weekends. We apologize for having to charge, however; our personnel must be paid for this. Reminder, if you lived in your own home, no one would be available to open your door. Identification must be shown to establish proof of residency before your apartment door will be unlocked.


28. All residents must insure their personal property, and maintain liability coverage for damage/injury caused by the tenant or other resident or their guest/s. An updated insurance certificate must be kept on file at the office. The Landlord or any member of its staff accepts no liability for any loss or damage to resident’s or their guest’s personal belongings, irrespective of the source of the cause. Residents and their guests are responsible for closing and securing windows and doors to their apartment before leaving the premises, and will be held responsible for any damage resulting from condensation, rain or other natural causes as a result of violation of this rule.


29. Garbage disposals are provided in all units and are great tools, but can become clogged easily. It is important to remember that you should not put certain items into a disposal. Some examples of non-permittable items are but not limited to: banana peels, nuts/shells, coffee grounds, any fruits or vegetables with stringy or hard peels and cornhusks. Also, do not put excessive amounts of food down the disposal at any one time; place it in gradually. And most important of all, always turn the cold water on and allow it to run during disposal use to help flush food through the piping. Allow the water to run for a few seconds after shutting the disposal off. If you clog your disposal with any of the above listed items, a service charge will be issued to have a maintenance personnel clean out your pipes. If you are unsure about disposing of an item, it is better to place it in a garbage bag and take it out to the dumpster.


30. Apartments should be kept in a clean and sanitary condition. Any and all decorations on patios, exterior windows and hallways must be deemed appropriate by management. Management reserves the right to require the removal of any decorations from the aforesaid areas.


31. Bathrooms on common room floors are not for everyday and regular use by residents.


32. No food or drink is permitted in any common area with the exception of drinks and snacks in the dining room. Common areas are for tenant’s enjoyment and must be kept clean and orderly and should always be left in the condition it was found.


33. Residents should limit phone calls to management on evenings and weekends to emergency calls only.


34. We acknowledge that many of our tenants are physically licensed to park in a handicapped space. It is impossible for everyone to park near the entry door. Please understand as you park your vehicle.


35. All moving, whether in or out must be done by a licensed mover. A manager must be present during any moving, therefore must be scheduled in advance.


36. Due to the rising costs of utilities, if you drive an electric vehicle, other than a wheelchair, and need to plug your vehicle into an outlet, an additional utility fee will be added to your lease upon registering your vehicle.


37. We understand that many of our tenants have and use adaptive equipment, such as walkers, scooters and wheelchairs. However, for the safety of our other tenants, we ask that you do not leave these items left unattended in the community areas. They can easily cause congestion and become a tripping hazard.


38. Tenant shall be bound by any Lease Addendum or Addenda signed by Tenant and agrees that any such addendum or addenda shall be considered as part of Tenant’s Lease with Landlord.


39. Tenant’s providing inaccurate or incomplete information to Landlord on the “Application for Residency” form shall constitute a breach of the Lease for which Tenant may be evicted from the premises.


40. Rules and Regulations are subject to change at owner’s approval.

41. We ask that you please advise your regular visitors of these rules and regulations.

I have read and understand all Graystone rules and regulations stated in the handbook known as Exhibit “A”

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